Vegan Quiche


I love quiches!! I think they’re an awesome invention for a fast, easy, colorful and full meal. Quiches are normally made with eggs or egg whites, which, you can use if you’re not vegan but this recipe is for VEGAN egg quiches.

We eat eggs in our house but mostly just the kids, I would say my husband and I might eat one egg a month, if that; but if we go out and something has egg in it, we won’t completely go out of our way to avoid it.

When I heard there was such a thing as “vegan egg” I knew I wanted to try it. “Follow Your Heart” brand came up with this magical product (made out of algae-based ingredients) and I will say it does taste extremely close to the real thing. It has the fluffy consistency, the color and even the smell, it might just vary a bit on the flavor if you eat it by itself. That’s why it’s perfect for making frittatas, quiches or scrambles because you mix in other delicious ingredients and BOOM you have eggs!

Here is the recipe for a Vegan Quiche with sausage and veggies. It serves 5.

~1/2 pack of vegan eggs (equivalent of 6 eggs)

~1 tbsp olive oil

~1 vegan sausage (I use apple-sage sausage from Field Roast)

~1/2 chopped red bell pepper

~2 minced garlic cloves

~1 cup chopped spinach

~1/4 finely chopped onion

~1 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half (or chopped regular tomato)

~Organic whole wheat pie crust (I use Wholly Wholesome brand)*

~Salt and pepper

~Nutritional yeast (optional to make it cheesy)

In a bowl make vegan eggs according to package instructions (add water and whisk)**. In a pan add olive oil and sauté garlic, onion, bell pepper and sausage. After a few minutes and when juices are released, add tomatoes, salt and pepper and toss for a minute or two, then add spinach and toss for a minute or so making sure the spinach doesn’t wilt too much.

Pour eggs and veggie-sausage sauté in to the pie crust and stir to make sure it’s evenly distributed. Bake in the oven at 380 degrees for 50-55 minutes until top is firm and you don’t see liquid still floating around.

Take out, slice and serve.

*If you don’t have or don’t want to use a pie crust, pour quiche mixture in to a baking dish  sprayed with olive oil so it doesn’t stick and bake the same way.

**If you’re using real eggs, whisk eggs with a splash of non-dairy milk instead of the vegan egg.

A perfectly beautiful quiche, no egg, no dairy, no meat and all the goodness and nutrients you want!




Homemade Ganola…Granola hecha en casa

I love granola! I love sprinkling it on fruit, yoghurt, acai bowls, as cereal with almond milk or by itself as a mid-day snack. The problem is that some boxed granolas are high in sugar or have unnecessary artificial stuff. Solution? Make it yourself!!

Making granola is super easy (I promise) and you can customize it however you like. Here’s how I make my own:

~3 cups of oats

~1 cup of nuts of choice, I used pecans sliced in half

~1/2-3/4 cup of seeds (mix it up, I used pumpkin, flax and sunflower)

~1/3 cup maple syrup (pure, not that corn syrup junk)

~1/3 cup coconut oil, melted

~1/4 cup raisins or other dry fruit of choice

~1 tsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of ground ginger

Mix it all in a bowl and bake on a flat baking sheet or pan for 30 minutes at 300 degrees, rotate pan once half way. Let cool and store in a glass jar.

Sprinkle it on everything!!!


Me encanta la granola! Se la pongo a la fruta, al yogurt, como cereal con leche de almendra o sola como merienda. El problema es que aveces la granola empaquetada tiene mucha azúcar o ingredientes no tan sabía que no son necesarios. La solución? Hacerla en casa!!

Hacer granola es súper fácil (lo prometo) y la puedes hacer a tu gusto con los ingredientes que gustes. Así la hago yo:

~3 tazas de aveba

~1 taza de nueces de tu gusto, yo use nuez pecana

~1/2-3/4 taza de semillas, yo use calabaza, girasol y linaza

~1/3 taza de maple (la de verdad no esos jarabes que son puro jarabe de maíz)

~1/3 taza de aceite de coco derretido

~1/4 taza de pasas u otra fruta seca

~1 cucharadita de canela y 1 de jengibre molido

Mezclar todo en un plato y poner en una charola para hornear por 30 minutos a 300 grados, rotando la charola una vez a medio proceso. Deja que se enfríe y guárdala en un frasco hermético de cristal.

Y a ponérsela a todo!!!




Grilled Vegetable and Pesto Sandwich…

Yesterday was “baking day” at our house. Basically any day my son wants to wear his apron and asks me to wear mine so we can cook together, we bake. I was craving some rustic style bread but didn’t want to leave the house to buy some so fresh baked bread was the obvious choice.

I made bread once before and it turned out so perfect that I used the same recipe yesterday. It’s this Whole Wheat Artisan Bread from, it’s vegan, only 10 ingredients, all natural, healthy and oh so delicious.

What better thing to make with fresh hearty artisan bread than fancy sandwiches. Fancy doesn’t necessarily mean complicated or expensive, these sandwiches only use a few ingredients but they look and taste fabulous.

Heres what you need:

~Bread loaf of choice, sliced (click link above for artisan bread recipe)

~Tomato slices (2 per sandwich)

~Onion slices

~1 red bell pepper cut in thick slices

~1/2 avocado

~Portobello mushroom caps (1 per sandwich)*

~Tofu block, sliced (optional if you don’t want only veggies or, like in my case, my husband is allergic to mushrooms)

~Vegan pesto spread (I modified a recipe from, check recipe below)

On a pan add oil and grill your veggies until tender and a bit blackened (onion, bell pepper, tomato, portobello). Portobello should feel tender and soft to touch. In another pan add oil and sear the tofu slices until both sides are crispy and golden.

To assemble sandwich spread the pesto on one slice of bread (both slices if you want more flavor), place grilled veggies on top {I used portobello on one sandwich and tofu on another}.


On the other slice add avocado slices and close sandwich.

Done and ready to eat!!

*Recipe for vegan cream cheese pesto butter:

In a blender add basil, spinach and parsley with a splash of olive oil and blend until combined. In a pot melt vegan butter, add minced garlic and cook for a few minutes. Remove pot from the stove, add the basil mix and a couple of spoons of vegan cream cheese. Stir everything together.

Original spread recipe:

Vegan Pull Bread

So you see, sandwiches can be fancy and easy at the same time, and most important, healthy and filled with goodness.

Portobello Sandwich

Seared tofu sandwich

‘Tis the season…for flu!! …Temporada del catarro!

It doesn’t matter how healthy we eat or how good our immune system is, we still manage to get sick with the cold or flu throughout the year. Having little ones doesn’t help either because with play dates and playground time, we come in contact with plenty of nasty germs.

Not to brag but in our house I’m usually the one that dodges the flu bullets most of the time; I’m not sure if it’s because I pack on the vitamin C harder than the rest or, as I’ve read before, it’s because women have stronger immune systems and a higher pain tolerance (sorry guys, it’s not me that said it, it’s the medical research community).

Whatever the reason is, I still make sure we all get as much protection against these annoying bugs. The way to do that is to eat foods that can help us attack them; one of those foods is this “elixir” or as I call it, a “Natural Flu Shot” that’s full of Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immunity-boosting properties.

Here’s what you need: (enough for two people)

•3 lemons

•1 Orange (or grapefruit)

•1 piece of ginger (about an inch)

•3 pieces of turmeric (about an inch each)

•1/2-1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

•1 tsp honey (optional if not vegan)

**IF you’re feeling brave, add a clove or two of garlic for extra immune boost (recommended)

Juice the lemons, orange, ginger and turmeric (and garlic). Pour in a glass and stir in the cayenne and honey. Drink up!!

Super simple and easy, and best of all, they’re natural ingredients you have in your kitchen. Drink this before breakfast in the morning for a few days especially if you feel like you’re coming down with something.

Check out these links to learn more about the AMAZING properties and benefits of ginger, turmeric and honey….did you know they have been linked to the cure for cancer?!?

Stay healthy!

Benefits of Ginger

10 Health Benefits of Turmeric

10 Health benefits of honey

Benefits of honey


No importa qué tan saludable sea nuestra dieta o qué tan fuerte sea nuestro sistema inmune, de todos modos logramos enfermarnos de gripa durante el año. No ayuda el hecho de tener dos bebes que entre estar con otros niños y jugar en los parques traen a la casa miles de gérmenes odiosos.

No es por presumir pero en la casa yo soy la que menos se enferma; no sé si sea porque yo consumo más vitamina C o será el hecho, como he leído, que más mujeres tenemos un sistema inmune más fuerte y somos más tolerantes al dolor (señores no lo digo yo, lo dicen los estudios en la comunidad médica).

Sea lo que sea, de todos modos tratamos de protegernos de los virus y bacterias lo más posible consumiendo alimentos que ayudan a nuestro cuerpo a combatirlos. Una manera de hacerlo es con este “elixir” o como yo le llamo “Vacuna Natural contra la gripa” que está repleta de Vitamina C y propiedades anti inflamatorias, antioxidantes y que aumentan tu inmunidad.

Esto es lo que necesitas: (salen dos vasos)

•3 limones

•1 naranja (o toronja)

•1 pedazo de jengibre (2 cm)

•3 pedazos de cúrcuma (2 cm cada uno)

•1/2-1 cucharada de pimienta de Cayena

•1 cucharadita de miel (si no eres vegano)

**si te sientes valiente agrega 1-2 dientes de ajo (recomendado)

Agrega limones, naranja, jengibre y cúrcuma (y ajo) en el juguero, sírvelo en un vaso y mezcla la pimienta y la miel. Para adentro!!

Super fácil y con puros ingredientes naturales que encuentras en tu cocina. Tómatelo antes del desayuno por unos días sobretodo si sientes que te estás enfermando.

Aqui te tengo unos artículos sobre las EXCELENTES propiedades del jengibre, cúrcuma y miel…sabías que hasta se les ha relacionado con la cura del Cancer?!?


Propiedades del Jengibre

Propiedades Medicinales de la Curcuma

Propiedades de la Miel


Not everyone knows how to cook but anyone can learn…

I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen and learning new recipes. Growing up I had lots of cooking role models: my parents, my grandparents, my great grandma, my aunts and uncles and later on, my friends and co-workers. I’ve also always loved cooking shows and any other “food-related” shows (Especially Master Chef, I love Chef Ramsay!). Now that I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom, one of my job duties is to cook for my family and I have to say, that takes up about 40% of my day.

Back before I became vegetarian two years ago, my cooking looked very different from how it looks now; I used to make dishes with all kinds of ingredients not really caring about health content, calories or source; I just wanted to make delicious food. Two years ago things changed, I believe for the better, and now I can say I still cook delicious food but what goes in it is very different and much more health-conscious than before.

I can’t say I was an expert on healthy cooking, much less vegetarian cooking. Also, I knew in my mind what “healthy food” was, but before then I wasn’t fully convinced that “healthy” was the way I wanted to eat. Once the lightbulb turned on in my head and I decided to make the change, I was ready to do the research, put in the work and embark on a new journey.

First thing I did (of course) was Google as much as I could about vegetarianism; then I read a bunch of blogs that talked about it. I also found some awesome people who personally took the time to help, educate and inspire me to follow this path (if you’re reading this, you all know who you are). Then I got some “vegetarian cook books” and my good ol’ friends Pinterest and Instagram also came to the rescue.

So there I went, cooking away three meals a day, seven days a week (except for the occasional dining out of course) and I have to say I was pretty successful at it. But then one day, through a good mommy friend of mine who is also vegetarian I found out about Miss Karina Paz Kennedy aka Chef Karina (@chefkaryma on Instagram).

Chef Karina offers cooking classes for adults and children from beginners to advanced levels. She also offers workshops in colaboration with a Nutritionist and covers not just the cooking part but also healthy tips to live a healthy life.

I’ve been to three sessions with her and I have loved every single one of them. She’s very personable, super friendly, she helps you throughout the class and she answers every question you might have (aka she’s very patient when we have no clue of what we’re doing). You can tell she does this for the love of cooking and because she wants people to learn the ways of healthy cooking and healthy living.

image image

The first class I took was “Granos, Semillas y Superalimentos” (Grains, Seeds and Superfoods) and we learned all about cooking with those food groups and incorporating them in to our diet. The next one was “Cocina Italiana Vegana” (Vegan Italian Food) and we made things like cauliflower crust pizza, marinara from scratch and vegan pana cota.

The third class was last night and it was SALADS. You think, “Salads? what’s so hard about salads that I have to take a class for it?”…well, let me tell you that once you learn how to make amazing salads that look like they came from a restaurant kitchen and that you paid $12 for each one but it was actually you that made it in your own kitchen, you’ll understand my excitement.

Spinach Salad with creamy dijon dressing

We had a great time making these salads and it’s actually kind of funny because in the past I used to quote Homer Simpson and say “You don’t make friends with salad!” anytime I had the option of choosing a salad vs a plate of meat…and now I look for salads, make salads and actually like eating them as a meal.

They came out so delicious and so full of flavor. Chef Karina always tells us, “a complete and balanced meal should have a protein, a grain and a healthy fat aside from your vegetables”, and that’s exactly what these salads are, Full Meals on their own because they have all the components. And yes, the protein IS there, it’s plant-based so we used tempeh, seitan, seeds and even avocado, all great sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Just to give you an idea, here’s some of the salads we made:

Green Salad

Avocado Caesar




Red Salad



Greek Salad

All of these can technically be made at home in about 20 minutes tops (give or take on ingredients that have to be roasted or toasted) and just look at them! They’re amazing!!

So I’d like to encourage everyone who has the opportunity to join a local cooking class wherever you live, to do it! and if you’re in our neck of the woods, check out Chef Karina’s Facebook page or Instagram for upcoming class and workshop dates. They are held in Tijuana (in Spanish), they’re fun and best of all…you get to eat what you make in class!!! (I bet you can’t say that about your calculus class).

Here’s her info, contact her for questions. She also offers catering and will make dishes upon request. (Prices and dates vary)


Instagram: @chefkaryma

FB: Taller de Cocina con Chef Karina

Now I can honestly say “I make GREAT friends with salad!”

~Mrs. H


Kale Chips (“Papitas” de Col Rizada)

Not everyone loves leafy greens. I know because I was one of those people. I think the only greens I liked were lettuce and sometimes spinach, depending on how it was cooked; but the one I hated the most was Kale. I say “hated” but now I know that it wasn’t hate, it was fear. I feared the way it would taste, I was unsure about the texture and I was clueless on how to cook it. Kale became more popular in the last few years so I had to jump in on the Kale wagon if I wanted to be a good vegetarian.

I started by adding it to my juice and it was perfect because you really can’t taste any specific kale flavor, it’s all mixed in one homogenous juice flavor. Then I tried kale salads at restaurants and I felt better about it because mixed in with delicious fresh ingredients and dressings, it tasted like any other “lettucy” green.

Then came the Kale chips…ugh.

Packaged kale chips to me tasted like compacted dirt covered with a ton of seasoning. I tried different brands and flavors like “Cool ranch”, “Nacho”, “Spicy” and “Dijon”, none of which tasted good to me. I’m not sure if it’s the powdery consistency once you put them in your mouth or the flavors that seem too intense for me. Whatever it was, I gave up and stopped buying them completely. Then one day I went to a vegetarian/vegan cooking class and we had to make Kale Chips from scratch. I instantly fell in love. I don’t know if it was the fact that I made them myself and felt accomplished or that they actually tasted good! It might have been a combination of both. I might still buy a bag of them one day if I’m hungry and nothing else sounds good, but they’re not on my grocery list anymore.

Homemade Kale chips are SO different from pre-made packaged ones AND waaaay cheaper so why not take the 15 minutes to make them yourself? Don’t know how? well, that’s where I come in.

Here’s what you need:

~2-3 leaves of organic curly kale

~2 tbsp of olive oil

~1 tsp of salt

~2 tsp of nutritional yeast (Braggs brand) optional for “cheesy” flavor

Remove the stem from the kale leaves and cut them in to 2 inch pieces (about the size of a potato chip). Gently toss them in a bowl with the olive oil and salt until they’re fully coated.Place each piece flat on a baking sheet making sure they don’t touch or lay on top of others.Sprinkle the nutritional yeast on top (like cheese). This will make the chips cheesy, hence they’re called “Vegan Doritos”.

Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT overcook!! Only bake for this amount of time or else they’ll dry up, burn and flatten completely. I cook them for 11 minutes and they come out perfect. When you take them out they should still look green and be a bit crispy but not completely, once they cool off they finished getting the crunch.

Ta-daaaaaaa!!!! Enjoy by themselves or find something yummy and light to dip them in. You can flavor them with other things like paprika, garlic or onion powder or just plain and simple with salt and pepper.


Kale has ridiculous amounts of healthy properties and health benefits, check out this article if you want to learn more:

Kale: Health Benefits, Uses and Risks

No a todo mundo le gustan las verduras de hojas verdes. Lo digo porque yo era una de esas personas. Lo único que me gustaba era la lechuga y las espinacas y eso soo “a veces”. Pero lo que mas odiaba era el Kale o Col Rizada (para ahorrar tiempo lo llamare Kale). Digo “odiaba” pero ahora ya me di cuenta que no era odio, era miedo. Miedo al sabor, a la consistencia y a no saber como cocinarlo. Como el kale se ha hecho muy popular en los últimos tiempos, tuve que entrarle si quería ser una buena vegetariana.

Primero lo empece a poner en mis jugos verdes y todo estaba muy bien porque no sabia a nada en especifico. Después probé ensaladas en restaurantes donde sabia muy bueno porque mezclado con otras verduras y aderezos sabia como a cualquier otra “lechuga”.

Después vinieron las “Kale Chips” o “Papitas de Kale”…ugh.

Las Kale chips empaquetadas a mi me sabian como a tierra hecha forma y cubiertas con demasiado sazonador. Probe diferentes sabores como “Ranch”, “Picantes” o “Mostaza” pero de todos modos me sabian malas. No se si es la consistencia terrosa o los condimentos muy exagerados. Deje de comprarlas y me di por vencida hasta que un dia tome una clase de cocina vegetariana y tuvimos que hacer Kale Chips. Ese dia todo cambio y me enamore. No se si fue el hecho de que yo las hice o el que sabian buenisimas, lo que haya sido me di cuenta que los 15 minutos que tardas en hacerlas valen la pena.

Las Kale chips empaquetadas saben muuuy diferentes a la hechas en casa asi es que si no sabes por donde empezar o nunca las has probado, aquí estoy para ayudarte!!


~2-3 hojas de Kale organico o col rizada

~2 cucharadas de aceite de olivo

~1 cucharadita de sal

~2 cucharaditas de levadura nutricional (opcional si quieres que sepas a “queso”)

Separa el tallo de las hojas del kale y cortalas en pedazos del tamano similar a una papita. Mezclalas en un platon con el aceite y la sal hasta que esten bien cubiertas. Acomodalas en una charola para hornear asegurandote que no esten tocandose o encimadas. Agregales la levadura y metelas al horno a 350 grados por 10-12 minutos.

MUY IMPORTANTE: No las cocines de mas!! Si las dejas mas tiempo se secan, se queman y se aplanan completamente. Al sacarlas deben estar todavia verdes y un poco crujientes pero al enfriarse se siguen haciendo mas crujientes.


Disfrutalas asi o puedes usar alguna salsa al lado pero que sea ligera porque son frágiles. Puedes usar otros sazonadores como paprica, sal de ajo o cebolla o simplemente con sal y pimienta.

El Kale tiene muchisimas propiedades y beneficios para tu salud, si quieres saber mas, arriba hay un link con información en ingles si te interesa saber mas de este mejor amigo de los vegetarianos.



Vegan Polenta Tamales…

Polenta Tamales

Sometimes recipes come in to your head from a craving, a tv cooking show, a restaurant dish you loved or from a friend’s dinner. This one was inspired by one of my wonderful friend’s who made Tamales by substituting the masa and lard with polenta and coconut oil. I would have never thought about it but I figured now that I knew, I had to try it.

I made a few changes and turned them in to VEGAN polenta tamales. If you love tamales because they’re dense, fluffy pockets of deliciousness but you don’t want to feel heavy and guilty after you eat a few, this is the recipe for you!!

Makes 14 tamales:

2 tubes of organic polenta (2 lbs)

•2 tbsp coconut oil

•2 zucchini

2 ears of corn

4 oz of non-dairy cheese (I use Follow Your Heart)

•1 can organic tomato sauce (12 oz)

•1/2 onion

•3 garlic cloves (minced).

•1 jalapeño

•2 tsp olive oil

•salt and pepper

•14 dry corn husks (for wrapping)

Zucchini corn mixture

Soak the dry husks for an hour, then remove and pat dry. Boil corn and remove kernels from cob (if you’re using canned corn, skip this step). Slice the cheese in to thin strips. Finely chop the onion, zucchini and jalapeño.

In a pan heat the olive oil and add the garlic, then the onion, the zucchini,  jalapeño and corn. When that’s cooked and tender, add the tomato sauce, salt and pepper to taste. That will be the tamales’ filling.

In a bowl, break down the polenta tubes and add the coconut oil until it gets to a soft cookie dough consistency (use your hands). Spread about 2 oz of polenta on each husk, enough to cover most of the husk in a rectangle shape; add a slice or two of cheese, the zucchini mixture, roll and tie with a husk ribbon.

Stand them in a pot and steam them with a minimum amount of water on the bottom, covered for 45 min to an hour. Buen Provecho!!!!


Hay veces que la inspiración de recetas nos llega por medio del antojo, de la televisión, de algún platillo en un restaurante o de algún amigo. Esta receta fue inspirada por un amigo mío que hizo tamales sustituyendo la masa y la mateca por polenta y aceite de coco.

Hice algunos cambios extras y los convertí en tamales VEGANOS. Si te gustan los tamales porque son densos, esponjosos y tienen rellenos deliciosos pero no te quieres sentir súper lleno y culpable después de comerte unos cuantos, esta es la receta para ti!

Salen 14 tamales:

•2 tubos de polenta orgánica preparada

•2 cucharadas de aceite de coco

•2 calabacitas

•2 mazorcas de elote

•1/2 cebolla

•4 onzas de queso vegano

•1 lata de salsa de tomate

•3 dientes de ajo

•1 jalapeño

•2 cucharadas de aceite de olivo

•sal y pimienta

•14 hojas de tamal

Remoja las hojas por unos minutos, sácalas y sécalas con una servilleta. Pica las calabacitas, ajo, cebolla y jalapeño. Hierve los elotes y cuando estén tiernitos separa los granos de la mazorca con un cuchillo. Rebana el queso en pedazos delgados.

En un sartén agrega aceite de oliva y sofríe ajo, cebolla, calabacitas, elote y jalapeño hasta que todo esté tiernito. Agrega la salsa de tomate y sal y pimienta al gusto. Esto va a ser el relleno.

En un platon desmorona la polenta, agrega el aceite de coco y amasa con las manos hasta que tenga la consistencia de masa de galletas. Embarra 2 cucharadas de la masa sobre las hojas de tamal en forma rectangular y que no toque las orillas; agrega la mezcla de calabacitas, dos tiras de queso, enrolla y amarra el tamal con un listoncito de la misma hoja. En una vaporera coloca los tamales verticales y cocínalos por unos 45 minutos.

Buen Provecho!

Mexican Lentil Soup (Lentejas)

Lentil soup

I’m Mexican so Mexican dishes play a big part in our diet. Sometimes people have the misconception that “ethnic” recipes have to be very rich or high in calories, or that meat has to be the star of the dish. Well, in many cases around the world that’s not true; for the dishes that do require meat as an ingredient, thanks to this little blog, I will prove to you that it is NOT necessary and I will open up your mind to the possibilities of delicious substitutions. Woohoo!!!

This recipe is one of my favorites and we actually eat this quite often. A naturally vegan dish that’s packed with healthy plant-based protein and vitamins. And no, don’t let anyone fool you and tell you it has to have bacon in it. It’s Lentil Soup or Sopa de Lentejas. 

Here’s what you need: (makes about 8 portions)

•1 pckg of dry green lentils

•Water for boiling

•1/2 can of tomato sauce**

•Finely chopped veggies (zucchini, carrot, potato)

•1 tomato, 1/2 onion, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 1 jalapeño (optional for spice) all finely chopped

•Olive oil (about 2 tbsp)

•Salt and pepper or non-MSG veggie seasoning or “boullion”

•2 tbsp of liquid aminos (Braggs brand) optional *

•Avocado for topping

Boil the lentils in the water according to package instructions (should be around 25 minutes). In the same pot add the veggies (zucchini, carrot, potato…). In a separate pan add oil and sauté tomato, onion, garlic and jalapeño for a few minutes until they’re soft and releasing liquid.

Once the lentils and vegetables in the pot are cooked and tender, add the veggie sauté from the pan and stir. Add seasoning to taste and let simmer for a few more minutes. Add more water if it gets a bit thick. Done!!

Serve and top with avocado slices and some hot salsa on the side.


*Liquid aminos are soy-derived protein that contains 16 amino acids the body needs. They come in liquid form kind of like soy sauce and they have a very similar taste. They’re gluten-free, non-GMO, no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial anything and you can use them as a seasoning, as a dressing or as a condiment. You’ll see I use them in many dishes to enhance flavor instead of using other artificial sauces or seasonings.

**I might not mention the word ORGANIC on every ingredient in the recipe but I strongly suggest you buy as much organic as possible. Most of the ingredients I use are organic and/or non-GMO.

Buen Provecho!!


Soy Mexicana así que los platillos mexicanos forman una gran parte de nuestra dieta. Hay gente que piensa que platillos tradicionales de ciertas culturas tienen que ser altos en calorías, o que el ingrediente estrella tiene que ser carne. Bueno, en muchos casos alrededor del mundo esto no es cierto; para los platillos que si requieren carne como ingrediente, gracias a este blog, comprobaré que no es necesario y te abriré la mente a las posibilidades de deliciosas sustituciones. Yayy!!

Esta es una de mis recetas favoritas y la comemos a menudo. Un platillo naturalmente vegano repleto de proteínas de origen vegetal sanas y vitaminas. Y no dejes que te digan que ocupan tocino!

Sopa de lentejas.

Necesitas: (8 porciones aprox)

•1 paquete de lentejas crudas

•Agua para hervir

•1/2 lata de salsa de tomate **

•Verduras picadas finamente (calabacitas, zanahoria y papa)

•1 tomate, 1/2 cebolla, 2-3 dientes de ajo, 1 jalapeño (opcional picante) todos finamente picados

•2 cucharadas de aceite de olivo

•Sal y pimienta o sazonador vegetal sin GMS o consomé de verdura

•2 cucharadas de aminos líquidos (Braggs) opcional *

•Aguacate para poner encima

Hervir lentejas de acuerdo a las instrucciones del paquete (25 minutos aprox). En la misma olla agregue los vegetales (calabacitas, zanahoria, papa). En otro sartén agregue aceite y sofría tomate, cebolla, ajo y chile unos minutos hasta que se ablanden y suelten jugos.

Ya que estén cocinadas lentejas y verduras, agregue la mezcla del sartén. Sazone al gusto y deje cocer unos minutos. Agregué más agua si está muy espeso.

Sirve con aguacate y salsa al lado.

*Aminos líquidos son proteínas derivadas de la soya que contienen 16 aminoácidos que nuestro cuerpo necesita. Son líquidos como la salsa de soya y tienen un sabor similar. Son libres de gluten, libres de OGM (Organismos Geneticamente Modificados), no químicos ni conservadores, nada artificial y los puedes usar como sazonador o como aderezo. Verás que los uso en muchos platillos para dar mejor sabor a la comida en lugar de usar salsas o sazonadores artificiales.

**No voy a mencionar la palabra ORGÁNICO en cada ingrediente de las rectas pero sugiero que compres productos orgánicos lo más que puedas. La mayoría de los ingredientes que yo uso son orgánicos y/o OGM.

How to get started on the healthy lifestyle…


How to get started with your “healthy food” shopping? Where to shop? What to buy? What’s healthy and what sounds healthier than it is?


Today I’ll talk about Costco.

Costco is definitely our favorite when it comes to buying awesome healthy items in large quantities. For a family of four, we have to think value as well as quality.

Step #1. One of the basic and most important things to do when you’re meal-planning and buying your food is to Read the labels, check the amount of FATS, SUGARS and SODIUM and look for the ORGANIC and NON-GMO labels. 

When I say read the labels, I mean it on the processed food; check for any animal ingredients if trying to eat vegetarian and if trying to go vegan, look for dairy (milk, butter, cream, cheese, yoghurt, casein, lactose of any kind) and eggs or egg parts.

As I mentioned before, some foods seem healthier than they really are, for example, today they were sampling Organic Tomato Bisque. Organic Veggie soup right?…wrong! High in fat, sodium, sugars and has milk and cream. Milk is actually the first ingredient. Yes, eating a cup of this soup is much better than eating a greasy double bacon cheeseburger and fries for lunch, but you’re not really eating a fresh mixed green salad, are you?

My advise is to read the labels and let your common sense make the decision for you; ask yourself questions like these, “Will this make me feel heavy or bloated after I eat it?”…”Am I going to have diner’s remorse?”…”Are these too many ingredients for such a simple dish?”…most of the time if you don’t let your stomach cravings make the decision, you’ll choose wisely.

Step #2. Go for the fruits and veggies, fresh or frozen. Costco has a wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator as well as organic frozen ones in the freezers. For example, we buy fresh berries when available and affordable, but we also buy them frozen to have ready for smoothies.

We juice every morning and at times more than once a day so we always have tons of fresh produce in our kitchen. Kale, spinach, celery, carrots, lemons, apples, oranges, etc. Costco has great prices on all of these and even though we don’t buy ALL of it organic, we buy most of it for a reasonable price. Whoever thinks it’s more expensive to eat meatless,  I’m telling you now, that’s incorrect. (With some help from Costco prices of course).

Step #3. Variety. Make sure you have a balanced, colorful diet. If you like eating the same thing every day, that’s great but make sure you are eating a little bit from every food group. Plant-based protein, healthy fats, good carbs, fruits and vegetables.

Personally, we like to switch it up. Look at the photo on the top, that’s today’s Costco cart. I have vegetarian sweet potato burgers, kale burgers, organic pasta sauce, Nuttzo nuts and seeds butter, organic chia seeds, celery, avocados, organic blueberries, organic rice milk, organic ginger, organic mixed brown rice and quinoa blend, veggie sticks (chips), organic apple sauce pouches and organic fruit and veggie pouches. 

Do you know how many meals I can get out of that?!?!

That grocery bill was about $140, about 90% of it is organic and I can feed a family of 4 for a while.

Sounds hard? Not so much, does it?

We’re still in January, you have plenty of time to make the healthy change and not just for a few days, weeks or months but for the long run. Being healthy and feeling good should be a lifetime goal and hopefully I can help you reach that goal.

Here’s the sites for the stores I mentioned earlier, check them out:


OB People’s Organic Market

Trader Joe’s

Whole Foods



~Mrs. H




Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Craving Chocolate? Peanut butter lover? Reese’s fan? Don’t want to feel guilty? Vegan?’s the solution: 3-ingredient chocolate peanut butter cups VEGAN and junk-free!!

Makes about 12 regular size cups.

All you need is:

•1 1/2 cup of Enjoy Life vegan chocolate chips

•1 tbsp coconut oil ( I use Nutiva)

•Nut butter of choice (I use Justin’s almond butter)

•Mini cup cake liners (you can use regular size as well)

Melt the chocolate chips by placing them in a glass bowl along with the coconut oil inside a pot with enough water to cover the bottom of the bowl. Heat on the stove and stir until the chocolate is melted. (This is called “Bain Marie”). Don’t let the water touch the chocolate mixture. Pour a tablespoon of chocolate in to each cup cake mold making sure you cover the sides of the paper cup creating a “wall” for the almond butter to go inside of it. Place them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes so they can harden. Take out and add half a tablespoon of the almond butter on top of each and flatten as much as you can. Pour another tablespoon or so of chocolate on top of them, enough to cover the butter, and put back in the fridge so they can completely harden. Done!!

Vegan Reeses

Doesn’t get any easier and healthier to eat chocolate!!

These little cups of deliciousness can stay in the fridge for a few days ready to be eaten when you get a sweet tooth moment. Take out of the fridge a few minutes before you eat if you want them to be a bit softer.


Tienen antojo de chocolate? De mantequilla de cacahuate? Te gustan los Reeses? No te quiere sentir culpable? Vegano?…aquí está la solución, Chocolates con mantequilla de cacahuate con 3-ingredientes VEGANOS y sin aditivos y conservadores!!!

Salen 12 chocolates aproximadamente.


•1 1/2 taza de chispas de chocolate veganos (Enjoy life)

•1 cucharada de aceite de coco (yo uso Nutiva)

•Mantequilla de nuez de su elección (cacahuate, almendra, nuez del Brasil)

•Papelitos para cup cakes (mini o regulares)

Derrite las chispas de chocolate y el aceite de coco colocándolos en un recipiente de cristal dentro de una olla con suficiente agua para cubrir la base del recipiente (“baño María). Calienta y revuelve hasta que esté completamente derretido. No dejes que el agua toque el chocolate. Vacía una cucharada del chocolate en los moldes asegurándote que cubras los lados del papelito creando una “pared” para que la mantequilla vaya en medio. Colócalos en el refrigerador por 10 minutos para que se endurezcan. Sácalos y agrega media cucharada de mantequilla arriba de cada uno y aplanala lo más que se pueda. Agrega una cucharada de chocolate por encima, suficiente para cubrir la mantequilla y vine ella a poner en el refrigerador. Listo!

Super fácil!!

Estos deliciosos vasitos pueden permanecer en el refrigerador por varios días listos para ser disfrutados en cualquier momento de antojo. Sácalos del refrigerador unos minutos antes de comerse para que se ablanden un poco.