Healthy Savory Meals is here!

Hello everyone!

Healthy Savory Meals is now in the blog world! We have taken the leap from our Instagram account (@healthysavorymeals) and Facebook Healthy Savory Meals to a healthy living blog. We will have all our vegetarian and vegan recipes, health tips, product reviews and even some cooking videos.

Some are my own recipes and some come from other wonderful bloggers, cooks or cooking sites (you’ll see it in the credits).

I’m a stay at home mom of two just sharing tid bits of our healthy living. We became vegetarian two years ago and ever since we dropped the meats, refined sugars, processed and pre-packaged food, chemicals, additives and basically all the junk that we shouldn’t have been eating in the first place, we feel great, our health has improved, our energy has increased and our goal is to pass this lifestyle down to our children and to as many people as we can.

Follow me and my family on our journey. We hope to inspire at least one of you to make a change for the better. Your body, your mind, the animals and the planet will thank you.

-Mrs. H

2 thoughts on “Healthy Savory Meals is here!

  1. Hi Ana It all sounds good, but there is some things Grandma cannot have, IE: Tomatoes, onion, garlic, soy base anything. Is there any good substitutes for this Items
    Grandpa Ramey

    1. Well, on this specific recipe, if you don’t use the tomato sauce, onion, garlic and tomato, the soup will still taste good just make sure you add other veggies she can eat, like the potatoes and squash. Instead of the aminos or any soy seasonings, just use a non-MSG dehydrated vegetable seasoning, there’s lots out there and a lot of them are organic and natural. Here are some I found: “Herbamare” is dehydrated veggies and sea salt; “Frontier natural products all purpose seasoning”, also veggies and no salt; “Seaweed Gomasio” it’s an algae based seasoning from Eden Organics brand. There’s also Sea Seasonigs brand “Organic Kelp Granules”. Check also other soy, salt, gluten and MSG-free seasonings that are basically dehydrated veggies mixed together in to a seasoning. Some seasonings contain natural GLUTAMIC ACID, which is not necessarily MSG, it’s a natural amino acid found in some foods so check the label before you use. We use a dehydrated veggie seasoning we get in a health food store in Tijuana. Hope this helps!!

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